Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rosewood Crawfish Fest 2016!

I have a bit of a sentimental side for the Rosewood Crawfish Festival.  The first one we went to was about one month after my daughter was born. Neil and I dressed her up, got the stroller outfitted with all we would need and walked up there to show off our beautiful new baby. And to get crawdads.  Of course.

We've been going ever since.  There is something to be said for having a city-wide festival right in your own neighborhood.  Come park at our house and walk on over.  Go early with the kids, get crawdads with no lines, ride rides, listen to the bands from your front porch in the afternoon.  It's pretty daggum perfect.   

So, how was this year's festival?  Let's get right to it:

Upon arrival selfie, or is it an "us-ie?"
Bags and bags of crawfish

Have crawdads, will travel.
Quite a cooking operation
Start by getting your crawdad tickets
Trade your ticket for one of these babies
Join all the other crawfish aficionados
This is what $18 gets you; a little high, but it's fun
Decide which one to keep as a pet.  Not.
What?  Neil's smiling?  Yes, crawdads make Neil smile.
Get in my belly!
After our crawfish feast, we headed out to check out the rest of the festival.  There is really something for everyone at Rosewood's fest: morning 5K, live music, rides for the kids, Crossfit exhibitions, arts & crafts, tons of food and lots of good beer.  

Make sure you don your crawdad gear
Rosewood Market serving shrimp burgers, watermelon, amongst other things
Wacky food display. Gyros, funnel cakes, homemade chips, sausage dogs
Food truck action: Pawley's
Neil couldn't resist the monster turkey legs
Icy treats
I think she rode this contraption about 6 times
Festivals: they're not just for Budweiser anymore!
The first time I've drunk a beer in a can in a VERY long time!

We had a great time at this year's festival.  I think the Rosewood Merchants Assn has done a really great job of creating a family-friendly (without being dorky and boring) festival that is truly part of our community.  Living in Rosewood/Shandon is like living in a village.  Our kids walk to school, thanks to our Rosewood Drive corridor, we can hit the grocery store, local coffee shop, Dairy bar, gas station, local market, delis and restaurants, meat market, all in one trip, we have block parties and we know all our neighbors.  The Rosewood Crawfish Fest is just another cool component to our village. If you haven't come over to our neck of the woods for this event, go ahead and pencil it in for early May of next year.  Let the good times roll!


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