Thursday, January 13, 2011

Call to Action:
***Local Business Needs Support

I have been asked to appeal to you, my loyal readers, to a true Call To Action.  As most of you know (or should) is that Neil and I, and my whole family for that matter,  are big supporters of local business, especially restaurants.  My parents (let's call them Jim and Dottie) have discovered Mojitos on Gervais Street in Columbia's 'Congaree Vista.'  I have heard their praises of this place but have yet to make it there myself.  Well, that's going to change.

Mojitos is a Cuban restaurant located at 1004  Gervais Street (zip 29201 for all you GPS'ers).  From Mom and Dad I've heard that the Cuban sandwich is good enough to make you slap your mama and call her Loretta.  My mom is in love with the Avocado Pie. Yes, I realize that sounds strange to us gringos, but from what I've heard, it's worth diving off the cliff and trying it.  In fact, my mom loves it so much, she and the mama of the family have formed a relationship as a result.  During the course of their conversation today, Mom learned that they just had a cook who was terminated and STOLE their family recipe book.  I hope I can find out who this tool is and circulate his name through Columbia's restaurateurs and "guarantee" his continued success in our restaurant scene.  And, thanks to our 'stellar' water pipe system, the City has Gervais Street dismantled right in front of their restaurant, blocking any street parking remotely close to them.  Anyway, the bottom line is that this restaurant is family owned, authentic Cuban cuisine, unique to Columbia and we need to support them and keep them alive in Columbia!
Mom says the avocado pie is similar to key lime, yet know, because it's avocado.

So, I am appealing to you guys here in Columbia to make the concerted effort to seek this place out and try it.  According to my Dad, you will not be disappointed.  And as strange as avocado pie sounds, my Mom assures me that it will stop traffic.  Here's my disclosure:  I have not been to MojitosNot because of lack of interest, but lack of time/opportunity so far So, I have a plan...  (oh, the suspense is terrible!!!)

I am proposing a RESTAURANT RAVE.  Yes, I just made up that term and patent is pending.  I have scheduled myself for lunch at Mojitos on Wednesday, January 19, 2010.  If you are available, and in Columbia of course, I'd love to see you join me.  Let's all show up on this day, try it out, give our support to a locally owned family restaurant!  If you like it, tell everyone you know.  Or, schedule your own RAVE within your Sphere of Influence.  We can't afford to let good family owned businesses fail in our community.  Post your comments so others can see your opinions!

I appreciate all of you who read this; I want to be sure that you know that.  If you're available, please join me in helping this family biz get more exposure and more fans.  Remember, what goes around comes around!  :-) 

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