Thursday, August 9, 2012

Casey's of Blythewood

Last weekend Neil and I met Michael Smith, owner of Casey's BBQHe was at Senate's End in the market giving samples of his rubs via grilled chicken skewered with rosemary springs and veggie chips with his smoked sea salt.  We began talking and Neil brought up this blog.  So, next thing I know, Michael was so generous as to give me a bottle of his Original BBQ Rub, Steak Stuff and Smoked Sea Salt.  He asked that we try them at home and blog about it.  I was so excited and flattered! 

Made right up the road in Blythewood

Rubbed down and ready for cookin'
Tonight I decided to try the Original on a turkey tenderloin.  I rinsed the turkey and patted it dry with paper towels.  Then, I liberally rubbed the chili mixture on both sides of the meat. I seared each side in my grill pan then transferred the pan to a 350 degree oven until done.  I let it rest for 5 minutes before slicing.  We served this with baked french onion rice and collards.

Who says turkey can't play with the big bbq boys?

 Verdict?  We were very pleased with the result.  Casey's mix is a balanced blend of spices, herbs and smoke that adds warm flavor without overpowering the meat.  It also sports some subtle spice that is a nice undertone.  (The Vivver thought it was too spicy, but to give her credit, she pointed out to me "It might not be spicy to you, but it is to a 6 year old!")  That kid always manages to make a good argument!  Back to the BBQ rub...I can't wait to try this on burgers and of course, on a steak.  I really like the flavors that Mr. Smith has concocted and will gladly use this seasoning. 

Casey's is a local business out of Blythewood, SC.  As we all know, supporting local businesses is vitally important, now more than ever.  If you're a fan of grilling or making your own barbeque, check out Casey's.  If you don't see a retailer near you, I'm sure you can contact Michael Smith directly and he'll find a way to get some rub to ya!




  1. This all sounds fabulous! I love turkey on the grill or baked. Will have to see if he ships his rubs to Florida! Is your frensh onion rice the one with french onion soup, beef boullion, rice, mushrooms and butter? Bet it was wonderful.

  2. Ms. Johnson,
    I know he would ship to Florida :) Here is his website...
    Hope that helps,



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