Saturday, October 12, 2013

Muy bueno!

Neil was in Atlanta for a couple days this week and came across the State Farmers' Market.  He called me, excitedly, at the abundance of peppers, crazy fruits and beautiful veggies.  He said he was seeing some of the biggest poblanos he'd ever seen. Should I bring some home?  Uhh, yeah.

He arrived here with quite an assortment of bounty.  About 2 dozen habaneros (yikes to most people, but not this man o' mine), 2 pineapples, 6 giant mangoes, a fresh cut bunch of little bananas and a bag of crazy looking bread, simply labeled as "Mexican sweet bread."

I've never seen anything like this stuff.  It's colorful,it's mildly sweet, which is great for someone like me...not being a big sweet freak and all.  And, it's practically light as air.  This morning, Viv ate hers just plain but I lightly toasted a slice and gave it a coat of (real) butter.  Oh my...where has this stuff been all my life??

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  1. They have something that looks a lot like that at the Odalys Pandeira (spelling... not even close probably) on 12th St. in W. Cola in the Wentworth Printing plaza. Tres bien, take your pesos and habla espanol!



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