Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weight Watchers-You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

My sister just called to tell me about an old email she just came across.  Then, she deteriorated from there into uncontrollable laughter.  All I could make out was "Amy" and "Weight Watchers."  Once she regained her composure, she said she found this old email from her friend Amy about some old WW recipe cards from the 70's that had been found and posted on this website.
Frankfurter Spectacular!
Nothin' better than jellied tomato

Marcy's misguided attempt
Mother of all that's holy!  We read through these over the phone and I can honestly say I laughed, I cried, I got choked up, had a coughing fit, gagged a little.  I guess the 1974 strategy was to make people make and attempt to eat this stuff, which of course they couldn't finish  and viola!  the weight just fell off.  Melt away the pounds by combining fish and bouillon and jello and tomatoes and old socks and stuff. 

Give yourself a hysterical good laugh. And I'd recommend bookmarking this post so on one of those days when you're on the verge of killing a co-worker, going to jail for road rage or thinking of setting something on fire, you can simply peruse these vintage (dare I say classic?) recipes.  As Marcy would say, "disfrutar de la cantidad de cosas enchilada Apuesto."


  1. Frankfurter spectacular! HA
    Thanks for the morning giggles.

  2. GROSS! jellied tomatoes? That would turn me anorexic. haha

  3. I can't eat tuna to this day because of having to eat fish 5 times a week when I did WW in the late 70's!

  4. OMG. Jelly tomatoe??? ughhhhh

  5. Did you guys follow the link to read the recipe descriptions? That's what is so hysterical. I couldn't even contain myself!



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