Monday, November 8, 2010

Be Alarmed, be VERY Alarmed

So, this morning, I posted on FB about the Keystone Kops in my town.  The fine capital city, Columbia, has the most idiotic police force on the planet.  After dropping Viv off at school, I turned onto Harden Street.  Now, for those of you who aren't from around here, it's a major artery through our college bar & restaurant district called 5 Points.  Here are THREE cop cars stopped in the right lane with blue lights a-plenty.  As I approach, I see that (whew! much to my relief) these fine officers are gathered together on the sidewalk to stare at a dead raccoon.  Thank God that little menace has been stopped once and for all!  And, it took 3 cops to bring him down.  Alert the media, divert traffic, summon the Mayor.  We can all sleep tonight knowing that there will be NO masked bandits in our trashcans as we count our Z's.   (btw: THIS NEVER, EVER FRIGGIN' HAPPENS AROUND HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE YOUR OWN PERSONAL DUMPSTER FULL OF OLD FISH).

So, anyway, after my post, my buddy Trudie replied not only with some comments, but bless her ever-lovin' heart, actually took it upon herself to research and locate a recipe for STUFFED, BAKED RACCOON.  Don't believe me, do you?  Click here, if you dare. 

Of course the holidays are around the corner and we're in a tough economy...I'm just sayin'.


  1. oh my gosh--look at those teeth!!!

  2. I have to point out that Trudie's Recipe leaves out the final steps, which are:
    1. Holler out back to the youngin's ta git inside
    2. Tell Maw to put her teeth back in and c'mon!
    3. Run them dogs outter the kitchen, they ain't supposed ta be in here on Comp'ny days, nohow!

  3. Right you are, Kelley. There's always so much commotion around the trailer when the coon hits the table!



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