Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doh! Dog Biscuits

I'm here in front of my computer contemplating whether to write some witty entry on my blog, empty the dishwasher or take a nap.  As I am rolling all these options around in my mind, I offered my dog Babs a little dog treat.  
I mean, look at that cute little chocolate face!

As she was crunching away on her little biscuit, I continued my day-off reverie then realized I was slowly lifting a dog cookie up to my own mouth.  Just as it hit my teeth, I snapped out of it and rescued myself from a big disappointment and dramatic gross-out.  Good thing; there would have been lots of spitting, tongue wiping-off and profanity.

This all reminded me of a funny thing that happened a few years ago.  

I used to belong to a Girls' Night Out group.  We'd meet about once a month for dinner and drinks and to hang out.  At Christmas, we'd have a party at the Capital City Club and do a gift exchange, drink wine, eat....general Christmas revelry.  There was a girl named Stephanie who was a serious animal lover (not lover, just an animal proponent.)  She sent us all home that night with cute little baggies of homemade dog biscuits that she'd baked.  The bags had cute little labels inside and festive curly ribbon to keep the bag closed.  NOTE: The cute little label said "Homemade Dog Biscuits" on it.  Remember that.  It was clearly marked!

So, I arrived home and put my purse, Christmas gift, dog treats, etc. on the counter and went to change into comfy clothes.  As I came back through the kitchen, Neil is eating a cracker and says to me, "These are really dry and they could use some salt or garlic or something!"  That's right...I looked and the curly ribbon had been unfurled and my husband is chowing down and critiquing Stephanie's dog biscuits.

As you an imagine, before I could tell him, take it from him or otherwise act on the situation, I busted out laughing.   "What?" he says.  Since I'm coming completely unglued and cannot even speak, I just reached into the bag and handed him that cute little label.  Well, you can probably guess what happened next...there was lots of spitting, tongue wiping-off and profanity.  Of course, once he regained his composure, Neil relaxed as he realized they had been baked in a real person's kitchen out of real kitchen ingredients, not some animal "by-products" from the dog food plant in Redneckville.  Then, we could laugh about it together.  After all, it was clearly marked!


  1. I love that story! Ages ago, I made frog shaped soaps for Ashton's kindergarten class, the "Friendly Frogs." I wrote a cute little poem and stuck it in the bag with the green glycerine frogs. Later that day, I got a call from a kid's mom--she was laughing so hard I could barely understand her. The boy got into his carseat and tore into the frogs and ate some of the smaller ones before his mom had a chance to sort through any of the goodies. Thank goodness she had a sense of humor. I haven't made soaps for kids since then!

  2. Haaaa! He thought they were gummy frogs didn't he?



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