Friday, January 7, 2011

Lazy Friday Night "Supper"

So, I've been a cooking fool this week, which makes me happy.  But, today I returned home with no plan in place, yawning my 'you-know-what' off and tons of leftovers and knick-knacks in the fridge.  Yes, it was time for mystery "antipasto."

I assembled a few things:  a plate of Greek black olives, garlic marinated green olives, Alouette spreadable brie (Neil hates brie rind.  I mean, really hates it so this stuff works for him), pepperoncini, pepperoni, sharp cheddar slices and water crackers.  And, I sauteed a couple of mini-crab cakes, although at the time of this writing Neil hasn't eaten his, so he's about to forfeit them.

Neil has a biz trip coming up, so this weekend will be more fun for cooking while he's here.  I have my (FREE) pound of chicken I got from Earth Fare and some nice looking pork chops in the fridge, so I think I can make an interesting weekend of it.  Since tomorrow is the Iceman Challenge, he'll probably be hungry enough to eat shoe leather tomorrow night.  

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  1. Do you plan a post on shoe leather and the cooking thereof? :) Actually, the meal you described sounds perfect! I recall the time my good friend and Friday Night HH and Supper friend, Ariail, came over and we decided to forgo the steaks and made a meal of pepperoni, sliced Brie, mini Pickles (they have some fancy name according to the menu at Gourmet Shop), olives and the Pepper/Olive Oil Triscuits. We ain't faincy enough for them water crackers :)



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