Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hit me, Schnitzel!

German food is hard to find. You have to find a German person who happens to own a restaurant.  Have you ever noticed that?  All over town you can find Mexican places owned by Indians, Chinese places owned by Mexicans, and Sushi places owned by Chinese.  But, I've never, ever, EVER found a German restaurant that wasn't owned AND operated by Germans.  Think about it.

Columbia is fortunate to have Julia's Stammtich.  Julia and her son run the place, they drive bitchin' German cars and serve up plates of food that are bigger than your head.  There are only about 8 tables and they are only open 4 days a week.  They don't take credit or debit cards, so that makes them officially the last place on Earth where you can write a check.  I almost forgot how to fill the damn thing out!

Julia's is a hop, skip & a jump from our house, but I can rarely talk Neil into going with me.  Today, I have the day off and decided to head down there myself.  I got the sunny corner table and proceeded to "try" to educate myself on this new GPS app I downloaded.  (Still not mastered yet.)  I ordered a glass of wine and Jaeger Schnitzel.  First, you receive a crusty roll and butter, along with a salad consisting of pickled beets, shredded cabbage, green beans and a little lettuce. I think it's all dressed lightly with olive oil or maybe a mild vinaigrette.  The only thing I wish they'd do differently here is use fresh green beans.  Funny thing about Jaeger Schnitzel is this:  I hate mushrooms.  I like their flavor, but I can't stand actually eating them.  But, I can appreciate what they impart to a sauce.  The point I'm making is this:  whether you're a mushroom fan or not, Jaeger Schnitzel won't disappoint.  It's an enormous pork cutlet pan fried, as most schnitzel is.  Then, Julia smothers it in beefy mushroom gravy (Oooh, umami).  Again, the only change I'd make here is fresh mushrooms rather than the jarred kind.  You have a choice of spaetzle, German potato salad or homemade home fries.  Today I chose spaetzle, which is good since you have all that yummy gravy.  

Julia's is one of my favorite places not only for the food, but the fact that it is a true family owned and operated joint.  It's a tiny restaurant in a dumpy, old shopping center that you'd never even notice if you aren't looking for it.  Julia and her son are hands on and the most polite and friendly people and whether you go alone or with a group of friends, you'll feel welcome, you'll be well fed and you'll leave knowing that your business was appreciated.  If you haven't been to Julia's Stammtich, get in the car.  Head over to Jackson Blvd and get your schnitzel on.

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