Thursday, June 2, 2011

Funny Things my Daughter Says

My wunderkind is now 5 years old.  She's such a fun little kid; she loves to help in the kitchen, she likes to bowl, she's a geocacher, she loves the water, she's very artistic but also throws some mean karate kicks and punches.  And, she's funny.  "How funny is she?..."

She likes to hug crawfish, but she really likes to EAT crawfish.
I was just thinking back about some of the funny things that have come out of her mouth as they relate to food and drink and remembered these:
  • "I don't know what you did, but these are delicious!"
  • "I LOVE chorizo!"
  • "I don't want any dessert, I'll just have chicken."
  • "Mommy, you are the best cooker ever."  (My personal favorite)
  • "Do I look like a real griller?"
  • "Look at these babies!" (steaks)
  • "I'd like a salad sandwich for lunch." (this means a sandwich with lettuce on it)
  • "Do Daisy Scouts get to eat the cookies they sell?"
  • "These pancakes taste like a sandwich!" (So, wheat pancakes are a little bready)
  • "Mommy, I don't wanna watch a kid show. Can't we just watch a cooking show?"
I'm sure these are much funnier to me than you and I could throw out the old-tried-and-true "guess you had to be there!" But, as I sit in my office waiting for something to happen, these little phrases gave me a smile.


  1. Ha ha! Those are hilarious! Is she joining the Daisy Scouts, BTW? :)

  2. She cannot wait to join! I think once she officially starts wunderkindergarten she's eligible.

  3. Yep! Is that this fall?



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