Sunday, June 19, 2011

A mini-chef in our midst?

It's summer. It's Father's Day.  It's the time that we find things to do indoors.  Funny when you think about it.  I bet  more kids are conceived in the summer  months down South and more in the winter in the North.  Since knowing Neil, I've learned that most of the modern world was discovered or invented in Minnesota.  Presumably in the winter because those guys are holed up indoors for about 2/3 of the year up there!  WTH am I talking about?  It's the 100+ heat talking...

Today, my wunderkind rose to supreme wunderkind-ness yet again.  I'm not feeling particularly verbose this evening, so here's the nutshell version.  She and I have pots of basil growing on the patio. Decided to make fresh pesto and shrimp pizza for Father's Day.  So, here are the pix and what I consider to be the cutest video on the planet.  But, I'm the first to admit that I am partial, biased and prejudiced.  It's hard not to be when you have the MOST perfect wunderkind on Earth  :-)

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