Saturday, July 9, 2011

More fun at Mojito's

Several months ago I wrote about Mojito's. It is a family-owned Caribbean restaurant in Columbia's Vista.  If you haven't made it here yet, I urge you to do so.  The food is excellent and I blogged to you all before that their Cuban sandwich is the best one I've ever had.  But what I like most about Mojito's is the entire vibe they have going. The decor is very mod and hip, yet carries their Caribbean theme, the location is prime, and the owners are present and accessible.  In fact, Jane (the matriarch) is on the floor moving from table to a good way.
She's not like your typical restaurant GM who wanders up and sheepishly asks something really deep and thought-provoking like "how is everything folks?" and then wanders off hoping you won't actually have an answer.  Jane KNOWS her customers.  She comes up to your table to really ask you what you think of the food, but she also asks you how you've been, how are the kids, have you been on vacation?  And if she doesn't know you yet, she's going to meet you and she'll most likely remember you the next time you come in.

Even though I'm not a sweet-freak, I must take a moment to talk about Mojito's dessert selections.  The cakes are made by Jane.  Now, I realize that all baked goods originate with a person, but most restaurants buy elaborate and delicious desserts from local bakeries, but then tout them as "homemade."  Yes, it's true someone made them, but calling them homemade connotes that someone in this restaurant actually made them.  Well, this lady does and she does it well!  We tried the pistachio cake (4 layers of mildly sweet, nutty and creamy goodness), the Chocolate-Amaretto-Kahlua cake (I don't need to explain much here, do I?) and the tres leches cake (OMG...this is indescribable!) You may remember when I told you before about the avocado here if you don't remember it.  It's a  must-try.

In short, I really like this place.  Like I said, if you haven't made it in, they are there for lunch and dinner.  Put Mojito's on your dining card. You'll thank me.
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