Friday, July 22, 2011

Whatever it takes to get kids cooking

I love that there are so many groups, organizations and even companies out there now who are teaching and encouraging kids to get in the kitchen.  I saw a poster at a produce market for a kids' cooking summer camp.  Next week, the Young Chef's Academy comes to Vivi's school.  Whatever it takes to get kids in the kitchen, learning about healthy food and how to prepare it for themselves!

I've told y'all before about how Vivi has already expressed interest and loves to help me in the kitchen.  Well, now the wunderkind has taken it to the next level. 
Wednesday she announced that she'd like scrambled eggs for breakfast and that she wanted to cook them herself.  I was delighted and quickly assembled our little egg pan, spatula, bowl, fork, etc.  I was doubly delighted when she then stated that she wanted to use food coloring and have green eggs.  Yeah!  This kid of mine is too cool! 
Green eggs; we were out of ham 

As she dug in, she said the sweetest thing.  "Dr. Seuss told me to try them and I like them."  Pass the tissues please; it's just so sweet!

Next morning, I was informed that scrambled eggs were on the menu again, but today, they would be blue.  So, we went through our same routine and she stood on her little red chair, stirring those blue eggs like a pro line cook! 
I know they look green in this light, but trust me...they were blue!
Obviously I'm proud as the proverbial peacock when it comes to my baby, but I'm also just so thrilled that she's already learning how food and cooking works, how to be self-sufficient and how to express her creativity in the kitchen.  And, seeing her have fun in the kitchen with me is priceless.  Even if you're not a big cook, get your kids baking cookies, scrambling eggs or assembling sandwiches.  It's an amazing feeling!

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