Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Compton's Kitchen

Generally speaking, I think I'm pretty much an "in the know" kind of person.  Well, two days ago I discovered that <lo and behold> there are things about this town that I don't know about.  I know, I know...I'm just as shocked as you.  So, you can imagine my surprise to learn about Compton's Kitchen over in Triangle City.  Clearly, this place has been around awhile but has managed to escape my attention all these years.  Granted, Triangle City isn't exactly my stomping ground, but come on!  How is the hell have I not even heard a word about the joint?  

So, after an appointment over that way, my mom suggested we go there for lunch.  It was like stepping back in time in a small town.  I googled Compton's first and read some reviews on their website.  So, going in I had been informed that biscuits are a must.  It's basically a "meat 'n three" kind of restaurant with tried and true Southern favorites. It's clear that they are blessed with a regular crowd.  And, I saw two guys I know from town that obviously crossed the river to have lunch here. 

The daily special was a "chicken pan pie" which sounded interesting but since this was my first time, I knew I had to start off with the ultimate classic...fried chicken.  The lady at the counter asked if I was ok waiting about 12 minutes for them to cook me a fresh chicken breast.  Heck yeah!  I'd wait 12 minutes anytime for a freshly cooked piece of anything.  And, it was well worth the wait.  It was a big, golden breast that arrived at the table steaming hot.  The meat was so tender and remarkably juicy.  Additionally, I had the macaroni and cheese and green beans.  The green beans were canned but were well seasoned.  The macaroni was homemade and the spoonful they gave me was so big it might have had its own zipcode.  

Mom chose the country style steak.  I'm really skeptical about this dish because it can be oh-so-good or oh-so-bad.  I tried a bite and WOW!  It was awesome.  Incredibly tender, which as we all know, can be difficult to achieve with cubed steak.  She also had cabbage, mashed potatoes and field peas.  Hallelujah!  Real field know, the little tiny dark brown ones that it seems you can only get here in SC.  

Then, there were the biscuits.  If you know a good biscuit when you taste it, then you know what I'm talking about.  This is that biscuit..enough said!

I'm still baffled about how I didn't know about Compton's until now, but I'm glad that now I do.  It's nothing fancy.  The prices are reasonable.  The staff is friendly and inviting.  And the food reminds you of Sunday dinner with your family.  If you haven't been over there, make a point of doing so.  
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  1. Compton's Kitchen has been around about as long as I can remember, yet I only remember eating there one time. I wasn't blown away, but apparently I was confused. I'll try it again next time I want a Meat'n'3 beyond the closest Lizard's Thicket :)



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