Friday, July 6, 2012

Red Meat-o-Rama; Part 2

Tonight I tackled the tri-tip.  Rather than going for a snazzy recipe, I decided to simply season the meat and cook it.  Since it's about 200 degrees outside here in SC, I opted to broil it rather than hanging out on the patio with a gas grill.  So, I went to my favorite old stand-by: garlic salt and pepper. I sprinkled it liberally on both sides of the meat, rubbed it in and let it sit for about 45 minutes.  I then broiled it for about 7 minutes per side and let it rest under foil for 10 minutes before slicing.

I think this look gorgeous!

Result?  Happiness and thumbs up.  I can see why this cut is often used for steak sandwiches.  It slices so nicely and because it's tender, you can totally use it in a sandwich preparation:  Philly, French dip, shaved deli-thin.  The key here is the tenderness.  I, for one, am hesitant to order any kind of steak sandwich in a restaurant because frankly, I don't trust them to give me the right kind of meat.  I've had these problems when I've ordered a steak sandwich and 1) the meat is sliced so thick that you need a chain saw to get through it...not sandwich material or 2) the meat is naturally not a tender cut and no one has made an attempt to tenderize it and finally, the worst 3) it's such a bad cut of "steak" that I get [insert polite language here] "stuff" caught between my teeth such as fat, sinew, or other unpleasant "stuff." I mean, really, if you need to ask your server for dental floss, you've not been served a good cut of steak. Period.

But, back to my tri-tip.  Neil and I both really enjoyed it. The Wunderkind wasn't hungry due to a late afternoon snack of pizza at Grandma's house.  However, later in the evening she wanted to try some.  I sliced it thin and served it to her from the fridge and she loved it.  Isn't funny that my child is "snacking" on steak?  I think so.  This wacky tri-tip thing is awesome.  You slice across the grain and get tender slices of well flavored meat.  I think garlic salt and pepper are always natural pairings for beef, so I appreciate their contribution greatly.  I'll experiment with different methods as I continue to buy these tri-tips. I'm glad they are finally showing up in my local markets!


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