Monday, October 15, 2012

Incarnation Does It Again!

You guys may remember my post from last year about Incarnation Lutheran's first annual Oktoberfest.  It was one of the most impressive events I'd been to in all of Columbia.  Because of that, I've eagerly awaited their second annual Oktoberfest, which finally got here this past weekend.

My buddy Andy (left) is a very convincing Martin Luther!
The festival opened on Friday and ran through Sunday.  Once again, it was fantastic!  If you live in Columbia and haven't been yet, you simply must put it on your calendar for 2013 and beyond!  It is one of our best festivals, by far.  Incarnation goes all out and really delivers.  An awesome bier garten, schnitzel plates with your choice of homemade red cabbage, sweet & sour green beans, spaetzel or potatoes with onion and bacon. You can actually see the full menu by clicking here. If schnitzel isn't your bag, choose from bratwurst or simple hot dogs for the kids.  And speaking of the kids...the festival takes place in the backyard of the church.  So, they have their playground back there, jump castles, and a live German band, which just gets kids moving. It always does.  In fact, the Vivver was all over the dance floor until about 9:30! I mean, really what kid doesn't love the Chicken Dance?  What adult for that matter?

My mom and I shared a jaeger schnitzel plate with potatoes, cabbage and we added an additional side of green beans.  The schnitzel is made with pork and was a tender, high quality cutlet.  The sauce was packed with mushrooms and flavor.  The beans were delightfully sweet and sour, and the cabbage was nicely pickled but had a more subtle, light flavor than what you're probably used toThe potatoes, onion & bacon dish was magnificent.  I would've eaten it with a shovel, if they'd provided me with one.  That's not weird, right? 

Woefully, I ran out of my house this year sans iPhone so I have no photographic evidence of this year's fest.  I guess I was so eager to get my schnitzel on, I lost all sense of reason. No biggie though.  It's not like schnitzel is the most photogenic meal out there, but man is it delish. Like, with a capital D and a capital ISH.  

The festival features free admission, $3 gets kids unlimited time in the jumpy things, beer and wine are reasonably priced, the food is awesome, the bands are fun and the atmosphere is one of happiness and frivolity!  If you haven't checked out this festival, I'm telling you PUT IT ON YOUR  CALENDAR!  If you don't, you're just cheating yourself out of a good time.

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