Saturday, July 6, 2013

So that's what the top of my microwave looks like!

You may recall that I have had recipes on top of my microwave for years.  So many that they were quite literally jammed between the micro and the bottom of the kitchen cabinet.  This is where I have always stuck anything I've torn out of a magazine, printed online, handwritten by a friend, or a friend's recipe that I scrawled on a napkin or piece of notebook paper.  Even though this system has worked for me and it has existed for so long, it looked terrible and of course, there was always the possibility that one of those cherished pieces of paper could vanish.  

Back in high school, my sister and I took this same kind of stash of my mom's and organized it into a gigantic 3-ring binder.  We all refer to it simply as "the red notebook."  Not long ago, I was at mom & dad's and started thumbing through the red notebook. Then it hit me.  Why haven't I done the same thing with all my "on top of the microwave" stuff?  

Well, guess what?  I did it. I now have my own notebook, but mine will be referred to as "the blue notebook."  The cool thing was refreshing my memory of all the cool stuff that's been living on top of that microwave:  my dad's kiwi shrimp, my friend Mary Ann's kick-ass cauliflower, Lisa's grandmother's super top secret Caramel Cake recipe, my favorite ginger ribs, and the only turkey burger I've ever made that I actually enjoyed...just to name a few.  I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and wanted you all to know.  Here's a before and after for your pleasure:

And, for some gratuitous cuteness, here's a photo of the Vivver and her new kitten, Turbo. Awwww.  You're welcome!

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