Friday, February 28, 2014

Cookies up to my Ears

It's the most wonderful time of the year... Yes, friends, it's Girl Scout Cookie Season. I know, without a doubt, that some of you just said to yourself "Oh, no.  Keep those things away from me."  But if you're really honest with that little voice in your head, you love these cookies.  You want these cookies.  These cookies have become an American pastime.  And frankly there are some who would go so far as to say it's downright Un-American not to buy them.  Seriously, did you know that the Girl Scout cookie sale is the largest girl-led business in the world?  And it's truly a business. The girls learn valuable skills regarding how to handle money, how to talk to people, how to set goals and they earn money for their troop.  And it can be a sizable amount of money.  They earn badges for everything from customer relations to surpassing their goals.

So as you can see, it's a lot more than just having icy cold Thin Mints in your freezer. Mmmm mmm, frozen Thin Mints.

This year, the Vivver set a lofty goal of 300 boxes.  This struck a chord of fear in Mommy. I tried to talk her down, but no, 300 was the goal. I must say, her sales skills have improved greatly since our first cookie sale as a Daisy Scout.  With our neighbors, she employed a sharp sales tactic called the "assumptive close."  It goes something like this:

"You may remember the Mango Creme from last year?  Well, it's been replaced by the Cranberry-citrus Crisp. I've tried it; it's very good.  Of course, my personal favorite is the Caramel Delite.  And as usual, we have all the classics.  So, if I could just get your name and number..."  
The Heavenly Caramel Delite

As she is poised with her pen in place on the order form. No monkeying around with questions like "Would you be interested in buying some Girl Scout cookies?"  Nope, right to the jugular. And guess how many people said no thank you? None.  Zip. Zero.  Lofty goal attained! Our neighbors and friends came though and she ended up at 308.  Whew!  

So, for the last week, I've had cases and cases of cookies all over my dining room, living room coffee table and in the entrance hall.  Slowly but surely they are getting delivered to their rightful owners.  Funny thing about this year is that people seem to be chomping at the bit to get their cookies.  I've had several people email me "hey, I want my cookies."  They're coming, they're coming, hold your horses.

So, for all of you who did not pre-order, there is hope.  For those of you who didn't order and are now jealous when you see your co-workers receiving their colorful little boxes, don't give up.  You still have time.  And, don't fight it.  You want these cookies. You need these cookies.  If you're in Columbia, our troop will be selling at the Walgreen's across from Whole Foods tomorrow from 12-3. Stock up on some classics, definitely some Caramel Delites and maybe even try out the Cranberry-citrus Crisp. Thanks for supporting Girl Scouts of America!

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