Monday, March 3, 2014

Worst Cooks or Best Actors?

You know, when the Food Network debuted "Worst Cooks in America," I was in love with it.  The first season actually had a woman from South Carolina on it.  Unfortunately, she was cut pretty early.  I often wonder about her.  What's she eating?  I remember most of what she concocted all came out of cans.

As we say en France, malheursement, the subsequent seasons have become less believable and substantially more theatrical.  I get that TV has to have some level of theatrics so people will watch.  But, some of the kitschy antics are just downright stupid. The current season is really beginning to infuriate me.  From the first episode, it was evident that all the previews, commercials and then the "worst cooks" introductions were all written and mapped out as supposedly witty scenes. 

Want to know why I'm calling bulls&%t on Food Network?  Let's examine a couple things.  Season One was a truly varied group of regular, average Joes.  Current season? All tatted up, pierced up, primped up weirdos. In Season One, the contestants actually got more and more focused on really learning.  Current season?  Constant bitching, whining and freaking out over everyday stuff like chicken and fish.  And, my personal favorite?  The opening sequence of the current season shows Anne Burrell yelling at the red-headed lady about licking her fingers, but yet, circus freak tattoo artist Amber is allowed to participate in this show with 2" bacterial nails.  I don't think you could locate a chef on this planet who would allow that nastiness in her kitchen.  I don't care if hand me a Big Gulp full of chicken juice, I'd rather slurp it up with a straw than eat anything prepared by that Cruella and her germy claws.

The same is true with Mystery Diners.  I love, love, loved this show when it started.  But now, it's evident that it's nothing but a bunch of stupid scripted theatrics just for the sake of putting something on TV.  Clearly, Food Network has joined the ranks of the other television moguls who think we're all so stupid we can't even be trusted to watch something involving truth and actual reality.  It's pitiful really...Survivor started it all.  Redefining the word "reality" to mean staged, outrageous, fantastical crap.

And, as we all know, Anne Burrell (who I love, btw) was long overdue for a new 'do.' But seriously Anne, #1 fadeup on the sides simply doesn't update the old-hat spiky mess.  Come on girl!

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