Monday, March 21, 2011

Freezer Depletion

Ever since I became a coupon-junkie, I developed a freezer problem.  Meaning, I got to a point that buy-one-get-one sales and coupons had gotten my freezer so packed to the gills that I had to put myself on restrictions.  I can't even count how many times I've come home from a shopping trip and Neil looks at what I've bought, looks at the freezer and says "That'll NEVER go in there."  I love it when he says 'never'.  It's the ultimate challenge word.  And I always reply, "Oh, honey.  It's going in there!"  I love to win.

Maybe it's the change in the economy over the last few years, but I gotta tell you, there is something very comforting to me knowing that I have food in the freezer.  There's the convenience factor...get home late from work, you know there is something in there that you can quickly defrost and get on the plate.  Or, forget defrosting.  Grab a bag of Wanchai Ferry. Then there's the seasonal thing...I have a homemade blackberry pie in my freezer right now that I can serve tonight if I want, reminding us all of summertime.  Then, there's the economy issue...the sheer comfort of having a pot roast, pounds of shrimp or homemade pot pies sitting in that freezer just whispering to you, "don't worry, you can take care of your family with good, healthy food. I'm right here behind this door."  Ok, I don't actually hear the food talking, but you get my drift. 

This morning, I peeked inside to get an idea of what I should do for dinner tonight and guess what?  I could actually see some of the shelves.  There was some open space in there!  The frozen stash is dwindling.  While there's still some great stuff there, this means I can lift the frozen food restrictions I placed on myself!  B1G1 crab cakes, chicken breast, all my pre-chopped treasures for quick casseroles...we will meet again soon!  I wish I could invent a way to freeze sour cream, milk and ricotta...

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