Wednesday, March 30, 2011

**Restaurant Review-Zoe's Kitchen**

I have been the fortunate recipient of catering from Zoe's Kitchen before but have never made it into the restaurant.  Samples of their food I've had include grilled chicken skewers, grilled vegetables and (truly) the best Greek salad I think I've ever had.  

Today, I had to take the poor little Vivinator to the doc for the lovely cough that I've shared with her.  When I put my hand on her last night and realized I could make a grilled cheese sandwich on her back, I knew that cough had taken an ugly turn and chances are the ears were about to join the party. So, sure enough, both ears are "fully involved" and the doctor sent me off to Publix for free antibiotics.  Can you believe they do that?  Free anything in today's world excites me greatly!  My Publix is one of the "urban stores" which has no pharmacy, so off to Forest Acres I went.  The pharmacy was backed up and asked if I could do a little shopping.  Hey, I wasn't's free medicine, right!  So, I seized the opportunity to visit Zoe's on Forest Drive.

I went in determined that I was ordering that fantastic Greek salad, but once I got in there, my mind reeled.  The menu was awesome.  Just simple, fresh, Greek-inspired salads, soup, sandwiches, wraps.  Nothing too fancy, but just quality.  Have you ever been able to sense quality just by "feeling" a place?  That's what was happening to me.  So, I decided to actually read the menu and perhaps decide on something other than salad.  So, I approached the cashier and ordered the "Gruben" which is a turkey reuben dubbed a "Zoe's favorite."  Then, the guy  behind the counter asked me if I'd ever had their chicken salad.  "Does it have celery in it?" I asked.  "Yes," he said.  Well, that takes me out of the running. But he convinced me to try a sample and lo and behold, I loved it!  Celery and all.  Theirs is shredded very fine so you can appreciate a little crunch, but not that foul celery flavor.  So, I changed my order to chicken salad on the 7-grain bread.  When it came to my side order, I couldn't really make up my mind, so I took the cashier guy's recommendation again and ordered the rice pilaf.  I know, it's not a typical side you'd have with a sandwich, but he was right it's simply delicious. 

Since I was by myself, I had time to study the menu.  They offer lots of lean foods...turkey, grilled chicken, homemade chicken & orzo soup.  Definitely not the average sandwich shop kind of fare.  The decor is warm yet bright and sunny.  And, they have several patio tables as well.  And, there's now another place in town where I can order chicken salad without disappointment!


  1. Yeah, Zoe's is consistently good and vaguely healthy!

  2. you should have had the Gruben! We eat there every Sunday - we call and pick it up on the way home from church. One drive-thru I don't feel guilty about feeding to my kids!



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