Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day 2011

This is Vivi's plate, complete with green milk...she thinks I'm a rockstar!
I love corned beef.  Yep, it's true. As a kid, my mom never cooked an actual corned beef brisket.  But, I think that was probably because in the 70's brisket wasn't very mainstream in the South, certainly not the Irish "corned" preparation.  Being from a Florida fishing village, it's doubtful that my mom grew up eating corned beef brisket, or that she'd ever even heard of it until adulthood.  As I was growing up however, it was Dottie who introduced me to corned beef and pastrami deli meat.  I loved them both.  So, even before I ever encountered a "real" corned beef myself, I'd already consumed many a'package of deli meat of the Irish persuasion. I believe I was in high school when my Uncle John brought this new, heavenly, off-the-wall creation to Thanksgiving:  a corned beef that he actually corned himself and finished off in the smoker.  Divine!

So, of course this time of year is when you can find a plethera of corned beef in the grocery stores and when it's on sale.  I dare you to find one on sale any other time of the year.  Being a corned beef lover, I've checked.  Pretty much weekly.  Believe me on this point.  Anyway, it is that time of year, and I couldn't be happier!  

Even though my family is primarily German (way back in the old days of course), and I've never been to Ireland, and my hair only turns red in the summer, I am a fanatic for this meat. You see where I'm going...yes, it was Irish dinner night Chez Akre.  I'm pleased to report that even the sweetest 5 year old leprechaun in the world not only gave the meal a thumbs up, but she ate with Irish gusto!  Our menu?  Corned beef, Syracuse salt potatoes and sauteed green beans.  And for the Vivver, green's magically delicious, you know.

Green and t-ádh
Lastly, I was told in the car on the way home that Viv's teachers said "it's ok" to bring treats for the class tomorrow.  Hmmmm....wonder why they didn't actually say this to me or any other parent?  So, feeling particularly "Super Mom-y" I opened up the cabinets and cranked out some green sugar cookies with green & white sprinkles.  Oh yeah,  I'm that girl! I can't be stopped. I'm cook-a-rama-licious.  Don't hate.

So, on this eve of St. Patrick's Day, I bid you (thanks to the fine folks at Google)  Lá Fhéile Pádraig Happy le mo chairde go léir Cócaireachta.  

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