Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A happy burger experience

Neil and I were able to have lunch together today, a rare occasion indeed.  We decided to head down the hill to Five Points to Pawley's Front Porch.  I've never had a bad experience here, but I must admit that my mental impression has always been kind of lukewarm.  I know why too.  It's because I'm always intrigued by the crazy burger topping-combos they've come up with, but I always end up with a burger that is too tall to even fit in my mouth, or it explodes all over me when I bite it, or I end up having to carve it up with their enormous steak knives, which I hate because then I look like Costanza eating a Snickers with a knife and fork.  But I continue to go there from time to time because I love their crazy topping-combos.

So, we sat at the bar and I studied the burger menu carefully.  I analyzed each tall will this make the hamburger?  Is this a good cheese combo?  How messy will this end up?  You get the idea.  I ended up choosing one that I've never ordered before.  The "Washout".  Pawley's has named their burgers after places around SC.  The Washout is the end of Folly Beach where you can actually get some good surfing waves. South Carolina isn't exactly known for surfing you see.  Anyway, this burger was awesome...topped with blue cheese mixed with Frank's Red Hot sauce, and jalapeno bacon.  It was spicy yet rich from the blue cheese.  The bacon was thick sliced and smoky as well as spicy. And, most importantly, it wasn't too tall to bite!
These are not the ones from Pawley's, but they look a lot like them!

I always order their onion rings.  This is one of the few places I can think of where the rings are actually homemade, big slices of onion and the batter is very crisp and not greasy at all.  They're pretty perfect as onion rings go.  Neil took the advice of the bartender and ordered one of today's specials-fried oysters.  They were Gulf Selects served over a drizzle of Cajun remoulade and a citrusy chutney.  Neil reports that they were nicely crisp on the outside and had a very tender, creamy texture.  He was pleased with his order. 

It was quite a good lunch and I think the Washout is my new burger favorite. Pawley's prices are on the high side, however.  But, for a great hamburger, good people watching and a casual, familiar atmosphere, it's a good choice.

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  1. The fish tacos are also pretty good there. I just had a Greek burger from Pita on Taylor Street. Not bad, and their Greek Salad Dressing is addictive!!

  2. I was supposed to meet a friend yesterday at Pita but her little one got sick. We both want to try it out. What was on the Greek burger?

  3. It's lamb/beef and Feta. Go ahead and take a straw to the salad dressing, it's that good! (Okay, not really. But kinda.)



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