Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I won!

About a month ago, my mom called to tell me she'd heard about a blogging contest.  Lexington Medical Center was looking for women to serve as guest bloggers on their "Every Woman" blog.  I found some information on Facebook and then on the hospital's website.  I thought, "hey, I can give this a shot, right?" So, I shot a little video in my kitchen about my blog, which you, my faithful friends, read hungrily ;-)

Well,  the deadline for submissions came and I waited patiently to hear who they had chosen.  Then, I began to notice others who had submitted an entry calling for friends to vote for them on the hospital's website.  So, I thought, "hmmm, I haven't been contacted about needing votes from the public, guess I didn't make the cut."  I was perplexed by this too because I didn't recall reading anything about the winners being chosen by anyone other than the LMC folks. Oh well, I tried.

This past Friday was the day that the hospital was to announce the winners of the contest.  As I sat in a lobby waiting for an appointment, I scrolled through the list on my iPhone.  Wonder if I know any of the winners?  I recognized one or two names, then I got to the last name on the list.  It was mine!  It was misspelled, but it was my name.  How about that?  

So now I await more info from LMC about my new job as a guest blogger.  I can't wait to find out exactly what they need and want from me.  And, I can't wait to meet the other bloggers as well.  I have a feeling that it will be a diverse and eclectic mix of cool women.  For all of you who read me, I appreciate it greatly.  Once I get started on the "Every Woman" assignment, I'll be calling on you to click over there and have a read!

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