Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hot 'n Juicy and FREE

I know, I know.  I just went off on Wendy's not long ago.  But today, I have to give them credit.  I received a coupon from the nice Wendy's folks for a free Dave's Hot 'n Juicy burger (not related to my rant, btw.)  There is one near my office and as hunger began creeping into my tummy, I glanced over and saw the coupon on my desk.  Expires November 3rd.  No time like the present...

The Wendy's near me is the one on Bush River Road across from Boozer Shopping Center.  (For those of you not from Columbia, the shopping center is named after a family named Boozer, not for all the drunks in town.  Just to be clear; this confusion has come up before.) My coupon stipulated that I had to buy a small fry and small drink.  So basically that allowed me to eat for 1/2 price once the burger was deducted from the bill.  Pretty nice to have lunch for $3 if you ask me. 

Dave Thomas used to own a golf course here in Columbia...did you know that?
 I'm not a fast-food frequent flyer.  Generally, I go because a) I'm traveling & in a hurry, or b) I'm starving and have about $2 in quarters in my purse.  Most of the time I find that fast-food burgers pretty much just taste like the fixin's that are on it.  I'm pleasantly surprised and happy to report that this burger today was the exception. First, it WAS hot and juicy.  And, it tasted like a hamburger...nice and grilly tasting and like beef.  The  toppings were nice too, but didn't overpower the flavor of the hamburger. They used red onion, pickles, lettuce (crisp, not wilted...I hate that), tomato, ketchup, and mayo.

I love this cute little box they present it in!
The bun was soft and warm, which is one of the things they are marketing about these new burgers.  The only shortcoming in the marketing is about the tomato.  All their printed materials mention thick sliced tomato.  Not so much.  Personally, that's not a big deal to me, but if you say it, do it.  

They are also serving new fries with sea salt. Finally, fast-food fries that were not over-salted and they were crisp, not greasy in the least and actually tasted like potato.  I know, what are the odds?  And lastly, the drink.  I am a Diet Coke devotee.  I know all the terrible things people speculate may happen to me one day because of it, but I love it nonetheless.  This time, I got the size I ordered without incident (ha ha.)

Since I'm taking the time to actually write about a fast-food joint, I made some observations for your information.  This particular Wendy's has been here forever.  My first memories of it were from riding up there after church with the Blackwelders to get a bowl of chili.  Living out in the country, this was a big deal to ride all the way over to St. Andrews for lunch. That would have been approximately 35 years ago.  The dining room has evolved over the years of course.  What I noticed today was that it's very clean.  There are no molded plastic booths to slip and slide around in; actual tables and chairs.  And I saw two baby highchairs.  I inspected them both and they did not have old food and who-knows-what caked on them. This was a major deal for me when the Vivver was little.  

So, in short, what I'm saying is that the Wendy's on Bush River Road is a pretty darn nice fast-food joint and they served me a tasty, hot 'n juicy, free cheeseburger today.  I really enjoyed it and I'd order one again.  I'd even pay for it.
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  1. Do you remember the Hardee's down the hill past Dutch Square Mall? It had robots in the playground!

  2. I'm glad your Wendy's doesn't oversalt their fries - the Wendy's over here in B-L went from almost no salt on the "old" fries to too much salt on the "new" fries. If only they could be consistent from one restaurant to another.



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