Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wendy's Rant

Let me preface my rant with the acknowledgement that an adult working the drive thru window at Wendy's may have limited career options.  BUT, basic math and listening comprehension should be a prerequisite for anyone taking orders and handling cash.  I mean, right??

My mom and I pulled in for a drink.  Here's what I ordered.  Pay attention, it's complicated. I'd like one "value" tea, half sweet, half unsweet.  (The value menu is the $.99 stuff.)  I'd also like a "value" diet coke.  I'm told it's $2.16.  That adds up.  I drive around and hand the lady exactly $2.16.  That's two one dollar bills, one dime, one nickel and one penny.  She then hands me back a nickel.  "Didn't I give you 16?" I ask.  She replies, "no, you gave me 11."

>>Uhhh, shouldn't the computer have taken care of this anyway??

She hands me the drinks and dismisses me so off we went.  Now, let me tell you about the drinks.  My diet coke was NOT diet.  This is a major "make me go off on a senseless rant" kind of faux pas.  I am so sick of people not listening to my damn order!! I did get the value size, as ordered, however.  Here's photographic evidence.  Take a good look at the size of this drink, friends.  

Mom's "value" tea was about 12" high and as big around as a bread plate.  I'd show it to you but she just left and took it with her.  But it only cost $.99.  Or really $.95 if we deduct that nickel from her tea.   

Word of advice to this Wendy's owner:  internal audit!  No telling what is going in and out of that window.  Okay, I'm done.


  1. no wonder two Wendy's I know of have closed down!!!

  2. Which one? Some of them are independently owned franchises, so you should call the 800 number and voice your concern. Might get a coupon for a free Value Drink (which you can reimburse at a different location).

  3. i'm lost. If it was $2.16 why would she give you back a nickel and tell you you have her $2.11. Isn't she now short 5 cents?

  4. Yeah, exactly. Btw, Anonymous, do I know you? Just curious...

  5. Anonymous #1 is Trudie. Having hard time with google accounts. Having so many is total pain...



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