Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bird Boredom

It happens to us all.  Recipe rut, same ole-itis, nothing-sounds-good food boredom.  I'm going through it with chicken.  I just scored these big, beautiful chicken breasts from Aldi (a sweet $1.69/lb, no less) but I have no interest in cooking them.  I trimmed them up and got them in the freezer to await my next great idea.  But, no ideas have come forth.  The thought of chicken right now holds absolutely 0% of my attention.  Yawn. 

So, you guys need to help me.  If you have a recipe that you think can shake me out of poultry doldrums, bring it on!   

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  1. One of my favorites is an old Weight Watchers recipe: Tarragon Lemon Chicken. Brown the chicken, add a little lemon juice, sliced onion, tarragon (fresh or dried), a little S&P, capers if you like, and simmer til done. Thicken sauce is you like and serve over rice or thin sliced potato rounds. Sometimes I even cook the potato rounds in the sauce..Yummy and low calorie. In a pinch for time, I cook it in the microwave, about 6-8 minutes for 4 breasts, but you don't get that beautiful brown on the chicken. Either way, its good. Aunt Kathy



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