Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do "Bodacious" and "Brussels Sprouts" belong in the same sentence?

Why, yes.  Yes, they do.  I recently discovered this.  And I feel compelled to share it with you.

I didn't grow up eating Brussels sprouts.  Now, why is it that anyone doesn't grow up eating something?  It's because your mom doesn't like it, therefore...  So, years later I met Neil and he introduced me to these little trial-sized cabbages.  I love 'em.  I've gone from simply steaming them to an elegant salad with spicy candied pecans and blue cheese.  They are way more versatile than most people realize, I bet.  

So I had a bag of them in the fridge the other day and was thinking all day about what to do with them.  So far, I haven't been real successful getting the Vivver to eat them and like them.  Finally, I ended up on I scrolled through all the recipes and ended up at the bottom of the page where the "Community Recipes" appear.  These are ones submitted by regular ol' people like you and me. And there it was.  "Bodacious Brussels Sprouts."  I had to click on that and read on...

Long story short, the creator of this preparation wasn't kidding.  In short, they were incredible.  Roasting them gave them that rich, nutty flavor while the sauce just added the extra pizzazz.  Bodacious author, my hat's off to you lady.  I am forever grateful for finding this recipe.  This will definitely be my regular Brussels sprouts recipe.  I've been craving them ever since!  As for the Vivver, well, we'll keep trying.

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  1. I'm still not convinced. I'm with the Vivver.



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