Saturday, March 24, 2012

Doughnut versus Orange Slices

The 'wunderkind' is in her 2nd semester of Kindergarten.  Her school is right in our neighborhood, which is awesome because we can walk.  And, the school PTO is very active and plans all kinds of fun events so the kids get to see each other a lot, outside of school.  This morning was the Rosewood Kids' Fun Run.  (There was also a 5K afterwards for bigger people.) 

We all converged on Memorial Stadium first thing this morning. The Fun Run is a mile run around the big park.  All the kids got a bib for their shirts and they were all #1.  Nice touch for little egos.  They lined up and Vivi was one of the first on the line.  She was poised and ready.  Then, she took off like a shot.  Typical of her style, full speed ahead.  That's when I realized it might have been a good idea to talk about pacing oneself prior to getting here today.  Oh well, she's young and strong!  

I ran across the park to get some video as she came around turn #2, then ran back to the finish line to wait for her.  I mean, my 5-year-old wunderkind was about to complete one whole mile.  That's a lot for a kid, I think.  Here she comes:
What does any of this have to do with food?  You know how they always have a station at the finish with water, fruit, etc. for the runners?  I just found it funny that this is a race for children from an elementary school and they had orange slices (ok, I get it), bananas (uh huh,  makes sense) and then both powdered sugar AND chocolate covered mini-doughnuts.  I'll give you one-half of a guess as to which my beloved child and every other one went to.  I mean, I'm ok with kids indulging in sweet treats every now and then.  But, don't kid yourselves by even putting all that fruit out there with doughnuts.  They don't stand a chance.  Lying there, all alone, looking pretty but no takers.  The bananas and oranges were behind the 8 ball from the get-go.  I felt sorry for them.  Then, I snapped out of it, saw my sweet baby double fisting chocolate doughnuts and knew it was time to load up and head home!  

Vivian and her Principal

Her first official road race at the ripe old age of 5.  Hell yeah, she deserved the golden medal she received as she crossed the finish line...and some mini-doughnuts!

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  1. Yay for my girl! Tell her I said "Way to go!"



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