Sunday, October 7, 2012

Food & Wine Festival...Here I Come!

What better pairing of words is there than "food" and "wine"?  This coming Saturday, Lake Carolina hosts its 10th Annual Wine & Food Festival. (I like that wine is named first!)  Well, I am flattered and pleased as punch that I have been asked to attend the festival and then share my thoughts with you guys, my faithful foodie friends.  I happily accepted this invitation and am so excited about the festival.  I mean, three hours of food, wine, fun & kinda afternoon.

If you're interested in joining up with the Wanna-be and the Neilix, message me here or via Facebook.  Then, stayed tuned to the blog for our food wisdom and witty food for thought.


  1. There is absolutely no better pairing than food and wine. I would love to go to a festival. Let us know everything about it. What a great opportunity to try some tasty cuisine and fine wines.



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