Saturday, December 29, 2012

Which came first? The chicken or the waffle?

I have often made fun of this "chicken and waffle" thing I keep hearing about.  It's not Southern.  At least not South Carolinian.  Each time I have seen this on TV, or read about it, I've laughed out loud.  What is the point of putting chicken on top of a waffle?  Next to a waffle?  Or even referring to a dish as chicken and waffles?  I mean, seriously, think about it.  Waffles are for breakfast.  Breakfast meat is most often (and almost exclusively) pork...ham, sausage, bacon.  Every now and then steak might enter the picture.  But chicken?  

Today I had a package of chicken in the fridge just waiting for something to happen to it.  I flipped through a few of my cookbooks, thought about past dishes, then for some unexplainable reason, cutting that chicken up into "fingers" entered my mind.  I contemplated a nicely seasoned batter or flour to fry them up.  Then, for an even more unexplainable reason, chicken and waffles flew into my mind.  How does that happen?  Something I've never had, never made, never seen on a menu, and here it is in my head.

So, I went to my trusty friend, and searched "chicken and waffles."  I found this.  While I liked the idea of this recipe, I had a different vision in my head.  So, I used this as a guide and modified it a little.  First, I was picturing an open-faced presentation, so I did not go the route of the sandwich.  Next, I altered the amount of cayenne pepper because I have a 6-year old. I made fresh waffles. Also, I didn't use the cheese. It just didn't fit into my "vision."  

The sauce that this recipe outlines is awesome.  It makes more than you need, so I have an idea to make a salad with maybe some apple, craisins, goat cheese and toasted pecans with this sauce as a dressing.  For our dinner, I placed some bacon on top of a waffle, then a couple chicken fingers and drizzled the sauce over.  I was amazed at how good this dish was.  The waffle was tender and slightly sweet, the bacon nice and salty, the chicken had just enough cayenne pepper to be noticed then the sauce which is an interesting amalgam of sweet, creamy, and horseradishy tang. And, as many times as I've made fun of "chicken and waffles," I'm even more amazed that it will be making repeat appearances in my house!

I wasn't channeling Ansel Adams, so no photosSorry!

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  1. I never saw the relation between authentic southern cuisine and "chicken & waffle" craze least not in relation to my momma's house. Albeit misrepresented as a rural southern standard, it certainly doesn't mean that its not a great dish. Yours sounds great, so I'll go from there.
    Enjoyed the visit & culinary discussion this eve!
    Happy New Year!



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