Saturday, April 23, 2011

Croissants and Honey on a Rainy Morning

I have so many great memories from being a kid.  I find that my daily goal is to create one good memory for my little girl.  Create a great one; well, that's just a bonus.  Quite some time ago, I discovered that Vivi loves croissants.  I mean really, who in their right mind doesn't? Now that she's entered "Big Kid-dom" going to restaurants with her is becoming not only easier, but more fun for Mommy.  We are developing a little every-now-and-then ritual that I just adore.  Periodic Mommy-Vivi breakfasts at the Gourmet Shop.

We both had the day off yesterday since it was Good Friday.  So, we already had the plan to head down to the Gourmet Shop for croissants (or "guh-sonts" as Vivi calls them).  Add a nice, gray, rainy morning to the mix and it was a perfect breakfast date. Vivian loves ordering milk there because instead of a styrofoam cup, lid and straw they bring her the milk in a "grown up" coffee cup with the sippy lid.  It makes her feel very adult.  And, of course, there are the croissants. These are the real thing too.  They serve them with butter, which is funny because they are made with like a pound of butter per dozen, and this really nice seedless raspberry jam.  But this time, Vivi surprised me by asking for honey with hers.  Nice touch, really.  

So, the two of us enjoyed our guh-sonts, milk for her, coffee for me and listening to the rain pelt Saluda Avenue outside the open french doors.  I love dates with my baby!

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