Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taco War: The End of the Battle

I recently mused about the headline article in Free Times regarding Columbia's Taco War.  I'm still flabbergasted that our city's government could stall and hem 'n haw for over a year on such a simple issue, but (Woop!) there it is.  

Yesterday morning, I was surprised to receive a short one-liner from the actual Taco Stand Man.  He had somehow found my (very artistic and professional grade) "Taco Boy" cartoon on YouTube.  He was very complimentary and commented that he'd never had anyone turn him into a cartoon before.  Hold the phone... I may have stumbled onto a promising side business for myself.  (note to self: start searching for a talent agent).  

Ironically, later that same day, I received this link from my friend Kelley... I am delighted to know that the Taco Cart will stand and begin to deliver.  I am delighted to know that a new restaurant is coming to Main Street.  I just hate the fact that the little guy had to be the big guy and compromise.  Really?  City council had to look to a small businessman to give up something so they wouldn't have to just use some common sense and cajones to honor the man's permit application and let both businesses coexist and compete in this free market society we live in?  (Rolling my eyes and taking a deep breath)

But, in the end, I congratulate David Roberts for having incredibly tenacious patience while our elected procrastinators jerked him around for a year.  I, for one, can't wait to visit his taco cart and give him my full support.  But, one last note before I go:  Should we be worried about the fact that no one can reach the "Fever" lady?Hmmmm

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