Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Need your Help, my Blog Friends

My community is in the running to win a fruit orchard via the fine folks at Edy's Fruit Bars. The site is adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club in Rosewood, the intown neighborhood where I live.  This addition to our neighborhood would be simply outstanding.  And, being a smallish city, it sure would be incredible to win!

So, I'm appealing to you all to vote for Columbia, South Carolina.  Even if you live in Oregon or Wisconsin, vote for little ol' Columbia, ok?  All you do is go to and register yourself.  Then, cast your vote for Columbia.  You can vote DAILY!  Once you're registered, you just sign in each day and click to vote.  Very easy, takes no time.  Just set a reminder on your calendar.

I will thank you heartily in advance for helping.  Our town and our kids will benefit greatly. Thanks friends!

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