Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Weekend Feasting Plans

Yummmmm   Ham
I wish my crust came out this pretty
Uncle Charlie would be proud
The Easter Sunday feast is always one of my favorites.  Sometimes I just picture the perfect pink-osity of a baked ham.  Or, my mind goes Greek and focuses on lamb; usually Uncle Charlie's souvakia recipe.  Or, other times, I have visions of light, fluffy quiches dancing in my head.  As I have been contemplating the Easter meal for this year, my mom just sprung into action and said, "Here's what we're having this year."  Dottie's sauerbraten, pickled red cabbage, mashed potatoes and green beans.  Jawohl!  Wir sind auf das Alte Land gehen!  This is one of my favorite meals of all time.  I am way excited. 

Sauerbraten...Get in my belly!
So, I'm merely charged with dessert.  I don't mind doing desserts.  I'm just not a big dessert eater, so I don't get as excited about it.  Anyway, I'm leaning toward a lemon tart with a coconut crust.  However, it is strawberry pickin' time, so if Vivi and I can get to the farm tomorrow or Saturday, that plan will change.  Get this:  I called the farm today to ask if they'd be open on Good Friday.  Not only are they open, they're working Easter Sunday too.  That's some hardcore strawberry commerce going on over there.  No holiday for you!  Must sell berries every day!  Get back to work!

Speaking of strawberries, I must share with you one recipe that I discovered 2 strawberry seasons ago.  I can't remember what magazine I found it in, otherwise, I'd totally give credit where it is due.  The recipe is for a panini that at first glance sounds pretty far out.  But, trust me.  You do, right?  Of course you do...this sandwich will make you exclaim "Franklin Delano!"  (I love that old man in the the new Oreo commercial!) 

So, here's how you make Smoked Turkey-Strawberry paninis...

Fresh bread (I used the Cuban from Publix's bakery)
smoked turkey breast
brie cheese with the rind removed, sliced
fresh basil leaves
beautiful local strawberries
pepper jelly

Spread the pepper jelly on one slice of bread.  Layer on the turkey, strawberry slices, brie, and basil leaves.  Top with another slice of bread (duh).  Spread good quality butter on the outsides and grill, press, or panini-maker it until the cheese is melty and gooey.

Take a bite, yell out "Franklin Delano", slap your mama and have a good, cathartic cry.  Yep, it's that good.  I prefer warm, personal, hand-written thank you notes please.  :-)

Enjoy and Happy Easter to you and your family. 

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