Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dropped by Drip for a Drink

I like coffee, but do not consider myself an aficionada.  My buddy The Hungry Lady however, is a coffeenista.  After reading her review of Drip and several others on Urbanspoon, I decided it was time for me to check out this new locally owned addition to Columbia's scene.  Yesterday I needed to prepare a contract for a client, so I decided I'd go to Drip, have a coffee and do the paperwork.

First, I love the look of the place.  It's got that same comfy vibe that Adrianna's had and that's good.  It has the rustic qualities that you find in an old coffee house in the big cities and in Europe.  I noticed that the man who runs the place knew the guy in front of me by name.  That's cool when business people take the time to get to know their customers.  They also offer customers a coffee card...you know, get a stamp and after you collect so many, free coffee.  

There were three coffees listed and described on the board.  I chose the El Salvador.  I only had to wait a couple minutes before it was ready.  It was served in a real coffee cup and saucer (no paper with the sippy lid).  I appreciate this because, you know, most of the time I feel responsible enough to handle a real cup.  And a spoon too instead of a little wooden stick or mini-straw. The excess coffee is given to you in a little glass pot to take to your table to freshen up your cup.  The El Salvador was a nice rich tasting coffee, kinda cocoa-chocolatey but not chocolate flavor.  I'm not sure if that makes sense to you or not, but it's the best I can do!  

Anyway, it's all good, but for one detail.  My coffee wasn't hot.  It was warm, but not a steamy cup like I like.  I'm going to chalk this up as (hopefully) just a stroke of bad luck on my part.  I will go again and try it out.  I want local business to thrive in this town, so I am eager to support them.  But, I hope on my next visit I get hot coffee.  

Drip on Urbanspoon

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  1. Oddly enough, I prefer my coffee to be lukewarm. So, I usually add milk to it or let it cool down before I drink it. Probably because it's 1,353,977 degrees here in Columbia...



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