Saturday, September 25, 2010

**Restaurant Review**

Tin Roof-in the Vista

I had no idea this place existed; Neil noticed it so we decided to check it out. We realized it's a chain, which typically isn't what we seek out. Open, kind of basic furnishings, live music venue, patio. The menu is pretty usual casual dining options: chicken wings, quesadillas, po' boys, salads.

They've only been open 2 weeks, so we had the same new place service experience that we've had before. At first, there were no servers anywhere to be seen, so finally a mumbly bartender came over to get our drink order. He returned to say that "they" didn't have any vermouth, so he couldn't make a martini. Then we never saw him again. Soon, there were waitresses all over us. Each trying to determine where the hell those drinks were and who was going to actually wait on us. But, like I said, it's only been 2 weeks, so we were patient.

Food-wise, I'd have to say it was ok. Not anything to write home about (Ha! but here I am writing about it!), but not bad either. First, Neil asked to try the queso dip. Now, here's the thing: he likes fresh peppers, not the pickled ones that come jarred or canned. So, he proceeds to quiz the waitress about which kind they have. Her answer is that they buy fresh jalapenos in the morning, roast them, then mix them into their cheese dip to serve for the day. Hmmm, okay. So, next comes the wing order. Neil is the king daddy hot wing aficionado. He likes 'em hot, REALLY hot. So, he ordered the 'Fire' wings. I went with a buffalo chicken wrap.

Let's start with Neil's side of the table. The queso dip arrives with a big bowl of extra jalapenos on the side (remember, though, they don't have ANY because of all the roasting going on in the mornings, but there they are) and the 'roasted' jalapenos on this plate came straight from a giant food service can. We can deal with pickled jalapenos, but not with a waitress who either doesn't know the difference or does but thinks she can dupe us because we don't know any better. Anyway, it's a good queso dip, pickled peppers and all.

Wings: I asked Neil twice how they were and all I got was "they're tender." Well, that's good but probably not the best review. You can tell when Neil is really digging wings because he stops talking, has sauce running down his forearms, forehead sweating and sniffly nose...and this makes him happy!

Mine was pretty good. The buffalo sauce was hot, but could have been a little hotter. The wrap actually had lots of chicken in it, unlike so many casual places that skimp. It came with fries and I must give them credit here; they were crispy and not at all greasy. I could only eat half of the wrap, so I have lunch for today!

When it was time to take off, we had to wait around to get the bill and then to actually have them take the money. It does irritate me to have to wait to give someone money. But, at the end of the day, we realize it's only been 2 weeks and they, like all restaurants, will have growing pains and kinks to work out. So, we decided we'd give them about 3 months, then we'll go back and give it another try.
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  1. Doesn't sound like a place the Kleek family would like.



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