Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The World's Most Perfect Food

This looks awesome!
It's finally feeling like Fall here in Columbia and thankfully, we are getting much needed rain. The rain then leads us to not wanting to cook tonight. That's right, it's Order-a-Pizza-Night!

I truly believe that pizza is the perfect food. All the food groups are represented. There are endless possibilities with all the cheeses, vegetables, fruits and meats of the world. You can get the china out and use a knife and fork, eat it with your hands, it's portable, it's always good as a leftover and it looks pretty. Pizza gets a bad rap too. People love to bash on it as being unhealthy. But, I submit to you that you can create a wheat crust, homemade organic sauce, and load up on veggies, shrimp or chicken and you're WAY ahead of the doofuses at the Laughing Seed who are shoveling in the pan fried tofu, roasted veggies and salad drenched in vinaigrette, followed by soy ice cream and a clove cigarette. People have an annoying tendancy to convince themselves that if something tastes good, it simply must be bad for them. Come on people!

Now, I will admit that the pizza I'm going to have delivered tonight won't come close in healthiness to one that I'd make from scratch. I do live in the real world. But don't be hatin' on the world's perfect food. I'm just sayin'

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