Thursday, December 9, 2010

Asian Meatballs

I have served on the Zoning Board of the City of Columbia for way too long.  Really, it's like 8 years or something now and I'm pretty much tired of it.  I really loathe this 3 hours of mandatory annual "training" that the legislature created a few years ago.  Each year, we get to sacrifice 3 hours of our time to sit and listen, yes, listen to a conference call from who-knows-when by a bunch of professional urban planners (which we are not) talking about Supreme Court cases involving sidewalk malfunction lawsuits in Fargo, North Dakota or how to design a good looking Wal-Mart in Boulder, Colorado.  Mind you, NONE OF THIS has anything to do with the Board of Zoning Appeals in Columbia, South Carolina and therefore, "trains" me to do, say or think nothing new and different.

So what, you ask?  Well, I had my 3 hour time-suckage appointment for 5-8pm Tuesday.  So, that afternoon, I put this dish in the crockpot.  I'd seen the recipe in All*You magazine and the photo caught my eye immediately.  I've been waiting for the chance to make it.  So, I had time on Tuesday.  The thing is, by the time I had to leave home to go to the Time-Suckage Vortex, my house smelled absolutely wonderful.  It was very, very hard to leave. So, the whole time, I was wondering how they were going to turn out?  Would Vivian like the meatballs?  Would they be as good as I had built them up in my mind?

Well, the answers are yes, no, and yes.  Disappointing that the Vivver rejected them, but she's been pretty fickle in her evening dining lately.  We'll try them on her again some other time.  I think this recipe is so good, that it will be one of the few dishes that my family does get to have twice, maybe even three times.  The flavors are my favorites: ginger, soy, hoisin.  The aroma is divine and the ease of this recipe just makes it a no-brainer.  Plus, it presents itself well enough to make for company and they'd never believe how effortless it was to prepare.  I'm calling it a winner. Hope you agree!

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  1. This has nothing to do with your post, other than I love the All-You recipes, but mostly wanted to let you know I have been reading on my phone lately and I can't figure out how to publish comments from there. So, never fear, I'm still here!! :)



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