Monday, December 27, 2010

The Famous Crab Puff

As a child, I remember hearing adults talk about crab puffs.  I heard it at wedding receptions, on TV shows, etc. but I'd never actually seen a crab puff.  It seemed to be the quintessential 70's hors d'oeuvre and I loved the idea of a crab puff.  Frankly, the concept of any type of 'puff' sounds appealing to me.  So, you can understand my bewilderment at how such a seemingly popular and oft-talked-about little morsel could be so elusive.  

As an adult, I have attended many (yeah, many!) cocktail parties, grand openings, weddings, receptions.  And, I've given my share of good parties too.  But, never have I come across a crab puff nor have I ever found a recipe for them.  Well, that's not completely true...I will admit that I have actually seen recipes that called themselves 'crab puffs' but what I read wasn't remotely like the crab puff in my mind.  It's supposed to be crabby, light, puffy and extremely sophisticated.  

So, along comes Christmas 2010.  My sister Katherine and her husband arrived from Asheville and K had brought some hors d'oeuvres.  Lo and behold!  The girl made crab puffs.  I was so excited that I think I frightened her a little with my reaction.  What?  Crab Puffs?  There is a God after all!  Ya-freaking-hoo!  You know, I was enthused.  

These were the crab puffs that my memory has carried around all these years.  I had flashbacks of the wedding reception at our house for a couple of hippies; my job was 'Canape Girl.'  My mom worked with me on pronunciation for a couple weeks, I practiced my tray handling skills and 'worked the room' with my wee voice, "Canapes, canapes." It could have only been made more perfect if my tray had included Katherine's crab puffs.  I mean, Mary Tyler Moore and James Bond would have been all over these babies!  

They were puffy and light.  They had plenty of that luscious blue crab meat that wasn't overpowered by any other ingredients.  The cheddar was there but not too overbearing.  Just perfect.  I can't wait to make them and keep a stash in my freezer.

Just one problem...I forgot to get the recipe from her.  So, as soon as I get it, I'll gladly share it. Now, here's your homework...if you have a crab puff that you like or that someone in your family makes, I'd love to hear about it.  I'm now devoted to serving crab puffs every chance I get.  And martinis.  Maybe rumaki.  Oh, beautiful 1970's!

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