Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Restaurant Memories

I don't know what got me on this wavelength today, but I've been having flashes of funny memories involving dining experiences.  So, for lack of anything better to do, I thought I'd record them here, for posterity of course.

There was the time that our family was on the way to Zorba's.  (This Greek restaurant opened in Irmo probably about the time I was in the 4th or 5th grade.  I'm guessing.  But, it's still there and is truly a tried and true Irmo institution.)  We're riding along and my sister was fiddling around with this new belt she'd gotten.  Remember those stretchy belts with the little bent loops that hooked together?  It was one of those.  We got into the restaurant, were seated, had ordered when I looked over and saw it.  I very casually asked Katherine, "Why do you have that belt around your neck?"  We all busted out laughing as she was horrified.  Hilarity ensued.
Very similar to the culprit

Or there was the time that my mom and dad let me take 2 friends to the Summit Club for my 12th birthday.  I guess they figured we'd all order something modest like steak.  But, I had a favorite at the Club.  Lobster Thermidor.  Not only did I order it, I encouraged my friends to do the same.  I'm sure my dad thoroughly enjoyed getting the bill that night.  Happy Birthday to me.

Another good one was during high school.  My dad was the EVP of a bank and the President was this god-awful Yankee nerd.  My boyfriend took me to dinner at Yamato's one evening.  We walked in and there was Yankee nerd at the bar clearly on a date with the mom of a girl I knew from school.  Interestingly, Yankee nerd's wife was not on this date with him.  I casually walked up and said hi to both of them and left them with mouths agape.  It was fun giving my dad that little tidbit of intel. 

Of course I already told y'all about the shrimp cocktail incident...Click here. 

When Neil and I first starting hanging out, we met a bunch of my friends in the bar at Harper's.  Neil and our friend Bryan decided to order dinner.  I didn't pay attention to their orders.  When they arrived, I looked at Neil's plate and thought to myself, "Hm, grilled chicken."  So, he starts eating it and each time I glanced over, the interior of this chicken breast was becoming pinker and pinker.  I asked him a couple times if he wanted to send it back and he said no and kept eating it.  Finally, I just couldn't take it anymore and starting telling him how I was really afraid this meal was going to kill him.  He kept saying that it was just fine and that I should try it.  Yeah, not thinkin' so.  But he insisted and put a bite of this raw chicken in my mouth.  Oh, the horror!  I belted out "That's FISH!"  He's giving me that freak-eye...this chick is unfamiliar with tuna?  But alas, before Neil, I hated fish passionately.  Shrimp, lobster, scallops I loved...but nothing with fins.   Since we've known each other, he has coached me into tuna (I like it more cooked than he does), salmon (WITHOUT the skin), grouper, mahi, flounder and catfish.  I'm evolving.  But I'd still take grilled chicken or shrimp over fish any day!
It can't get any rarer than that folks!

That's it for my random ramblings.  At least for now. 


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