Thursday, February 3, 2011

Men and Food

My sister and I share some food "hates."  It's kind of weird. Could taste be genetic?  My knowledge of biology tells me no, but it makes me kinda wonder.

We loathe:
hard-boiled eggs
meat with bones in it
meat with fat on it

So, imagine my amusement to receive this email from her today...enjoy!

If I were to write a food blog, it would include the comment I got last night during dinner.  I was being lazy and decided to thaw out some frozen chili for dinner.  My guilt made me decide to make a great salad.  So, I reached to the back corners of the cabinets and pulled out hearts of palm, garbanzos etc to really make a “Salad deluxe” to go with it.  I also boiled an egg for the salad while the chili thawed.  So the comment I got about dinner...WOW you even boiled an egg.  Not impressed with heart of palm but a hard boiled that’s impressive!  I have to remember how easily impressed they are when I am stressing about what to make.  

1 comment:

  1. My family is so easily pleased when I cook, just because they don't have to do it! When I make something they don't like though, wow am I quick to find out!

    Men and food = BRUTAL!



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