Friday, September 30, 2011

Blades of Glory

Recently I made a video in my kitchen and someone commented about my knives being in the background.  I love my knives.  

In my opinion, it's virtually impossible to cook without a good knife. Thanks to the kindness of others, I have seven.

When Neil and I got married, my cousin and his wife gave us a Global vegetable knife.  I'd never heard of Global, but I instantly fell in love with this knife.  Globals are forged as a single unit.  They have divets in the grips so they are very easy to hold and control.  That vegetable knife started it all.  So, when birthdays or holidays rolled around, Neil would give me another knife to make our collection.  I can't remember the names of all of them.  I don't really need to call them by name anyway, I just need them.

My two favorites are the Santoku and the newest addition which is a serrated blade.  

I can chop herbs in no time, filet meat, peel an apple, and I've been known to be a champ at hacking off a corner of my fingernail (thank you fake nail inventor!) or stabbing myself in the palm too.  Yeah, I can be a little overzealous sometimes!

If you're struggling with mediocre or crummy knives, I highly recommend that you try Global.  They aren't cheap, but I promise, they are worth every cent.  Just be careful, when they first come out of the package, they can slice you to ribbons.  The suckers are sharp!

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