Saturday, September 10, 2011

Free! Gratis! Complimentary! On the House!

It's contest time kiddos!  Your task is to amuse me and Neil and we will choose a winner based on how entertained we are.  "What can I win?" you may ask.  It's a packed-to-the-gills prize pack courtesy of Betty Crocker and MyBlogSpark.  You'll receive a mix of Betty Crocker's new FunDaMiddles cupcakes, decorative cupcake liners, a decorative oven mitt, cupcake notecards and a muffin tin.  You can go here for a coupon if you'd like to run out and try them right now.

So here's what you have to do.  Tell us what your favorite stuffed food is and why you love it so much.  I mean, anything from a stuffed zucchini to a stuffed crepe.  What makes it so good to you?  How did you discover it?  Anything you deem relevant...and make us laugh!  Submit your responses below in the comments section.  Make sure you tell me who you are and how to contact you (duh!).  We'll take entries until 5:00 on Friday, September 16th.  Good luck my food-lovin' friends!


  1. I tend to gravitate to stuffed foods, actually. I'm not sure why, maybe they just seem "fancy" and thereby extra delicious.

    My favorite thing to make is stuffed peppers. I can't cook anything without modifying it as much as possible to cut back on fat and calories, so the "Summer" version of stuffed peppers involves using 4% extra-lean ground beef, cheese made with 2% milk, and rice cooked sans-butter. I like yellow saffron-seasoned rice for this purpose, but truly any variety will do.

    I season the beef as though I'm browning it for tacos, the combine with the rice and an assload of cheese, gut a couple of blanched green peppers, pack as much beefy goodness inside as I can, top with another plop of cheese then bake those suckers for 30 minutes or so.

    So tasty. And easy. And protein-y. The flavor that bakes in from the peppers is exceptional, even though I pretty much discard the pepper shell because something about eating green peppers makes me burp. Classy, I know.

    What I'd really like to see is a cake stuffed with stuffed cupcakes. BRB, slipping into a diabetic coma.

  2. Well, I'm still trying to think of what my *favorite* stuffed food is, but here are some nominees for the WORST:

    - Hot Dog Weiner stuffed with cheese (Thanks, Ball Park! I mean, WTH?)
    - Turducken (Self-explanatory)
    - Prune stuffed anything (Although, as a fun, vaguely-related tidbit, I have heard that prune is one of the "secret" flavors in Dr. Pepper, which I love.)
    - Calamares Rellenos (Look it up. Nasty.)

    Okay, I have concluded that my favorite stuffed thing is........./Trying to make drum roll sound with tounge. Failing miserably. Wishing I could make drum roll sound\......

    Queen Olives stuffed with Garlic! Yummy? Yes. Involves me cooking? No. Qualifes as "stuffed" so as to enter contest? Yes!!

  3. Stuffed mushrooms. Great stuffed with so many things, crab is among my favorites. As a younger wanna-be cook I even stuffed them with yellow mustard to try to impress my adult dinner did not work!

  4. Let's just say, for this particular occasion, that my favorite “stuffed food” isn't sauteed mushrooms filled with fresh crab (thanks for loving my favorite stuffed food, Katherine Cooksalot)! And just for a moment, let's put aside the fact that the next answer from me that came to mind and would still (clearly) fit the bill as a “favorite” would be some variety of garlic stuffed olives (again, beat to the punch by an “Anti-Turducken”...shameful)! So after putting my basting cap on and envisioning all of the bizarro “food-product-within-food-product” combinations that I have been privy to tasting over the years, I came up with a dish that I was first introduced to while working in one of the better “fine dining” restaurants found here in the Columbia area. And although I have prepared this delightfully handsome and rich entree in my own humble little kitchen, I have never been able to reproduce the exquisite balance and taste that was/is produced within the confines of this great little restaurant, (with it's "charming" proprietor and "delightful" managerial staff)! Unfortunately, this is a restaurant that I will never step foot into ever again. ( THERE'S your story!)
    But getting back to the lecture at hand...Veal Saltimbocca!! I am hard pressed to find such a complementary combination of flavors fused (okay, for the sake of the article, “stuffed”) together in such delectable harmony than delicately rolled veal cutlet “stuffed” with whisper thin-sliced prociutto ham adorned with just the right amount of Fontina cheese; sparingly seasoned with sage and cracked black pepper...I'm sure you guys know the rest! And in keeping with the theme, I recommend “un-stuffing” the cork out of a nice, earthy Pinot Noir (or two) which I have found complements this dish quite swimmingly!
    And if your curiosity is getting the best of you, and you would really like to know the name of the (said) restaurant that puts on such a great Veal Saltimbocca, drop me a line, pick up a few bottles of Pinot Noir and we can chat about it over big ole batch of cupcakes!

  5. I believe that would technically be "Anti-Turduckenian", thankyouverymuch :)

  6. Stuffed is the best! I love Twinkies and crab stuffed chicken breast!

    Elissapugh at



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