Friday, September 9, 2011

Lunch at Travinia

So, my lunch at Travinia yesterday.  Our group was seated in the Wine Room.  The server we had did a great job handling a large party.  Everything seemed to time itself perfectly.  I wish I had caught his name.

I ordered the Pollo Isabella.  This was grilled chicken breast with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and goat cheese over baby spinach.  The presentation was delightful and I couldn't wait to try a bite.  The goat cheese was so creamy and had a bold flavor, which I like.  The chicken was nicely grilled and the combination of the basil, spinach and sauce was a lovely backdrop.  The only change I made was a little salt to pop the flavors.  You guys know how I feel about salt.  It enhances flavors!  Don't be afraid of it.  Just use it correctly.

Sorry this photo isn't very good; the room was kind of dark,

Some other dishes that my companions tried were the crab cakes, which looked like giant lumps of crab and not tons of bread and filler.  If I hadn't just met Staci, I would have asked her for a bite!  MP got a beautiful salad with chicken, mixed greens, & huge blackberriesEveryone enjoyed their complaints.  

Another thing I can say about this Travinia is when I've been there before at night, they had some awesome specials like tempura asparagus and a romaine wedge salad that was remarkable.  Even though this is a chain, I like Travinia.  Lexington needs more upscale restaurants so I think bringing Travinia to them was a welcome move.  

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