Saturday, September 24, 2011

See Jane. See Jane run. Run, Jane, run.

I am Jane.

Ok, if you actually know me personally, you will probably be amused by what I'm about to tell you.  Over my life, I've chosen various types of exercise.  Walking, dancing, aerobics, machines, Tae Bo, "Walking away the pounds," water aerobics, yoga.  I've pretty much dabbled in it all.  

Except. One.Thing.

I hate running.  I've never understood why anyone wants to run, let alone those psychos who claim to "enjoy" running.  Really?  Freak.  Basically, I only run if I'm being chased and thankfully, I've made it 43 years without that being the case.  Until now.

A few years ago, my sister was a super compliant Weight Watcher and lost a bunch of weight.  In the midst of that, she decided she wanted to learn to run.  More power to ya, you weirdo!  But, I said, whatever, good luck.  I attended her first 5K and the Governor's Cup and was proud of her, to be sure.  I just had no desire to ever join her...ever.  Well, since she started running, we've both gotten married and had babies.  You know, when that happens, lots of things, um, change.

So, about a week and a half ago, she emails me and sez:  "I'm going to start the program I used to learn to run.  Are you interested? It might be fun to "train virtually" together."  I looked in the mirror and emailed her back, "Ok, sure, I'll try it."  So, I'm on week 2 of the "Couch to 5K" training plan.  This is a combo of walking and running designed to gradually ramp you up to more running endurance while preventing newbie over-doing-it injuries.  To date, I've managed to stick to the program without falling out in the middle of the street, no lung explosions or whole body versions of "lock jaw" upon returning home.  And, nobody has had to chase me to make me do this.
Yep, these are my feet. Fleet-footed I am.

What is happening to me?  Am I morphing into one of those freaks?  Nah, I just want something to change.  At least, I think (and hope) that's it.  

So what does this have to do with food?  Well, on the days that I run, I'm flippin' STARVING.  I've now determined that I need high protein to satisfy this jogger hunger.  The other day, I had tomato-basil soup and Caesar salad and still could have chowed down for another half hour.  Today, the Neilix made me some beef and black bean tacos.  Two of those bad boys and I'm not dreaming of pulling a chair up to a buffet table.  Maybe one day when I can run for a really long time I'll talk myself into spending the $30 to try out Cowboy for a big ol' meat fix!

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  1. As you know, I've been doing my lately and I have learned that you have to add muscle to lose weight. In general, cardio makes you live longer/weight training makes you burn more calories. Just thought I'd toss that in.

    Oh, and I have really finally started doing what *they* recommend which is smaller, more frequent meals. (Mostly. Except for that little trip to Shealy's BBQ yesterday...)



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