Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I love coupons!

Yes, I love coupons.  In fact, Southern Savers has forever changed my life.  Getting a rock bottom deal is such a rush.  I wonder why it took me so long to understand this stuff.  

Recently I told you guys about Pillsbury's new Grands! Biscuit sandwiches.  I want to try these out because my Kindergartener is becoming bored with my breakfast offerings.  I mean, this morning the child rejected a piece of peanut butter toast because "it has too much peanut butter on it."  What?? Who are you?  You eat peanut butter with a spoon.  You have actually asked me to give you a bowl of peanut butter before.  And today, there's "too much."

Anyway, Publix has the Grands! sandwiches on sale 2/$5.00.  There is also a $1 Publix coupon that you can stack with another $1 manufacturer's coupon, making these little babies $0.50 per box.  But, Publix's sales run Wed-Tues, so tomorrow, this deal will probably be gone.  If you're interested in trying them for this ridiculously low price, print a coupon, head to Publix and get the store coupon in the Yellow Advantage pamphlet from the kiosk at the front door.  

Hopefully the wunderkind will dive into a bacon and egg biscuit tomorrow morning and squeal with delight. I just hope there's not "too much" of anything that might prompt a rejection.  Get your coupons and go try them out.  For $0.50 I'll try anything!

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