Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today I tried out the Betty Crocker FunDaMiddles that arrived the other day.  They are easy to make; just mix up the batter, add the filling and bake.  The sample they sent me is yellow cake with a creamy vanilla filling.  The cake turned out very nice, light and moist.  I had tasted the filling pre-baking and was kind of doubtful.  It was thick and reminded me of marshmallow fluff, which I am not a fan of.  I know, I know, most people love this gooey gunk, but not this girl.  However, the finished product surprised me.  The filling did in fact become creamy and tasty.  And, The Vivver gave the FunDaMiddles an enthusiastic two-thumbs up!
The package I received from BlogSpark & Betty Crocker

These are the cute decorated cupcakes liners they sent.
Gettin' it all mixed up!
Nicely golden browned.
Finished product
 As I told you a few days ago, all this great stuff was provided to me from the people at BlogSpark and Betty Crocker.  I'll be posting a giveaway soon for you to enter to win this same cool prize pack.  As a recap, it contains a FunDaMiddles mix, decorative cupcake papers, cupcake notecards, a cupcake motif oven mitt AND a non-stick muffin tin!  I appreciate the goodies and the opportunity to try out this new product.  It's sure to be a big hit with kids! 

Thanks again BlogSpark and Betty Crocker!

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  1. Those look good! And I am with you on the marshmallow fluff. Maybe this way Cage will want to eat the whole cupcake and not just the icing off the top! Thanks!! Lisa



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