Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coffee Season

I become a big coffee drinker when the weather cools off.  During our SC summers though, the mere thought of coffee makes me queasy, literally.  And, the diehards who drink it throughout the day; how do they do that?  Or the Marlboro Coffee Man/Woman who drinks a steamy cup with a cigarette dangling out of their mouth.  And, I have never understood how some people can order a sandwich and a cup of coffee.  I mean, coffee just isn't a "with a meal" kind of drink.  I guess maybe if you're a Mount Pilot girl perhaps (Hi, Doll).

Anyway, my office has a Keurig.  I am officially enamored with this machine.  What a brilliant invention!  So, this time of year, I can pop in a K-cup of hot chocolate, regular coffee, decaf, hazelnut, oh, the possibilities are many!  I'm a seasonal coffee drinker, so this is perfect for someone like me.  And, since Neil's coffee consumption comes in waves, no more making a pot of coffee for me to have one or maybe two cups and then have coffee left over.  I can't bear to waste anything. So, I have a ziploc full of coffee ice cubes in the freezer.  You know, for all the coffee ice cream I'm gonna make one of these days. Yep, any day now...

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