Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Most Special Meal

This is a sweet story, but I have to give you some background info first in order to make sense, so bear with me...

My little girl is in the 'Cherub Choir' at our church. She has choir at 9:00 on Sundays. So, I go to the early service while she's in choir. Then, Sunday School follows. Since I have to work today, my plan was to leave after SS, since I've already been to the service, and have a little bit of time at home with Viv and Neil before going to work.

As we're heading to the car, she says, "But what about the children's sermon?" Ok, turn around, we'll go to the first 15 minutes of the 11:00 service, children's sermon and then go home. No problem, we've done it before. Piece of proverbial cake. Wrong.

Today is World Communion Sunday. For the first time in history, my child actually paid attention to the children's sermon this morning. The minister was explaining Communion and was referring to it as the "special meal." So, Viv listened (everyone who goes to church with us will understand how monumental this is!), put her little hands together and bowed her head for the prayer and we all exited the sanctuary. Vivian has left the building.

So, we're heading to the car again, when she says, "Aren't we going to stay for the "special meal?" Oh, here we go. As I'm trying to logically explain why we aren't, here's my sweet baby wailing through the church building, "I want the special meal!" The car ride was a nightmare. Her tears are flowing as my heart is breaking. I mean really, here's a child begging for Communion and horrible mommy is actually saying no? So, I radioed ahead for reinforcement.

About half way home I got her interested in the story of the Last Supper and the tears finally stopped. By the time we pulled in the driveway, she had recovered and all was right with the world. Daddy greeted us at the door and escorted us in to our own "special meal." We all knelt at the coffee table and went through the ritual with our english muffin and grape juice. Vivian was so into it, that we had to do it twice. The second time, she administered Communion to us. It was a very special meal indeed!

My friend Kelley once talked about how special it was for her to take Communion with her daughter and I saw them do it together this morning. I agree, taking the "special meal" with your child is a very dear and meaningful experience. Especially when she understands it so well to administer it to you.


  1. Wow, Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing your special moment with us. What a terrific mom you are to have raised an insightful little girl who loves Jesus!

  2. Akre, that is a wonderful story. I didn't see you at the 9:00 :) Small correction, it was two years ago "today" (or 2 years ago on World Communion Sunday) when I saw Ally take her first Communion, being led in with the other children's church kids by the Waunds. I asked her about it later, and she told me that she had gotten some bread "from God." :)

    And, today was my first Communion Sunday actually next to her. It was insanely meaningful, satisfying and humbling all at once :)

  3. Very moved that the "meal" took place at home..Lisa(see I do read the blog)

  4. I LOVE that story! Anytime us parents get a little nod that something so significant is sinking in is a blessing in itself.

    That Sunday at the early service was the first time I'd taken Communion as an adult. Later that morning I had Children's Church duty and got to take Communion again with three of the church's little ones. It was an amazing experience and I really felt lucky to have it! I'm really looking forward to having that experience with my own two children.

    By the way, your Sunday School lesson was perfectly timed and it did hit some solid notes with Ashton. I'm so glad he was able to hear some of these things from another adult. :)



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